Search Engine Optimisation that has a twist.

Our seo service is different in many ways, We use over 15 years expertise to implement our knowledge when it comes to optimizing your website on the internet against your competitors website. We only use natural methods of seo to give your website that cutting edge performance a service should provide.

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We don't wait, We chase the results.

Search engine optimisation is a tricky process and can be found very frustrating for business owners if they decide to do this themselves. This is why we take the role on, we get to the point by optimising the important stuff which will get you found.

So how do we get things going.

We love to connect and find out who you are, what your business is all about and you are the best person to tell us about it all. We can soon get to the nitty gritty bit and help your business to grow.

Step 1. The chat

  • We like to have a consultation, get to know you and your business needs, demograics, competitors and so on. We can then build a stratgey that will help you grow in the right direction.

Step 2. Competitor research

  • We know this is the best part for most business owners, spying on your competitors. We will analysis your competitors, from their marketing, website, social media, seo and other goodies. We then have an understanding on which approach we need to use to produce a higher and more powerful plan.

Step 3. The interesting part

  • We will conduct an investigation throughout your website to check what's right, what's great and whats bad. We will then correct the bad and praise you for the good.

Step 4. Keywords

  • The fun bit, We now have enough information from the 3 stages above to now go away and find the best suitable keywords.

Step 5. Onsite optimisation

We can now from the above stages start to make the magic happen. We will optimise your website in the most effective manner possible. below is just a small list on what we do.

  • Meta data optimisation
  • Internal anchor text optimisation
  • Alt tag optimisation
  • Canonical tags (checking, implementing or removing)
  • Sensible implementation of robots.txt
  • Implementation of 301 redirects
  • Correction of 404 errors
  • Sitemap optimisation
  • Correction of faulty front end code
  • Correction of other front end errors flagged up in Search Console loading times

Step 6. Indexing

Now we have done the onsite changes, it's almost time, we will manually index and submit your website to the relevant search engines.

Step 7. Building that reputation

We can now start building your onsite and off site links to help you produce and even higher ranking position.

Step 8. Review

After the hard steps have been put in place it's now time for the even harder stuff to take place. We will review the campaign, see where you are ranking.

  • If your in a good position - then we are happy, we will maintain your ranking position not just by using super power but with our expertise we can help you maintain your position
  • If we think things could be better - Then we review the campaign and integrate some other proven method that will have you in a good position in no time.

Let's make something beautiful together

We make things simple, fill in our project planner and we will do the rest